Hardwood Floor Warranty

Who and What is Covered?

The 25-year residential limited warranty is given only to the original retail purchaser (end user) of the product. The product must be paid for in full and used for personal residential use for the warranty to take effect. Wood purchased for resale is not covered. Wood products installed in rentals, nonresidential, or commercial locations are not covered. The limited warranties are subject to the wood flooring product applications, limitations, disclaimers, and exclusions described below. All warranties begin from the date of retail purchase. All warranties apply only to the original owner are non-transferable.

Pre-Installation Warranty

We require inspection of all wood flooring prior to installation. It is essential that the homeowner look at the product to ensure that the color and appearance of the floor meet their expectations. Any defective product should be set aside. Please keep in mind that wood is a natural product with natural characteristics such as variations in color, tone, and graining. These variations may become more distinct when exposed to ultraviolet light (sunlight). Due to this reason, wood flooring cannot always be fully viewed in a display sample or hand set. Natural variations in color, tone, hardness, texture, and graining are not covered by this warranty. Occasional rearranging of furniture and rugs will help reduce the potential effect of the sun. Carefully inspect every plank before installation. Warranties do not cover materials with visible defects once they are installed. Installation represents
acceptance. This pre-installation warranty expires upon installation.

Structural Warranty

We warrant to the original retail purchaser that the wood flooring in its original manufactured condition will be free from defects in lamination and assembly for the warranty period providing that all installation, maintenance, and environmental control requirements have been met, and the original purchaser owns and occupies the home. In the unlikely event that any aspect of the plank proves defective (only when the defective boards exceed 5% of the total floor installed), Amador will replace the defective planks of your floor. Note, Amador is NOT responsible for the labor expense associated to the replacement.

Finish Warranty

We warrant to the original retail purchaser that the finish on the surface of the wood flooring product will not wear through and the finish will not separate from the wood flooring under normal household use following our maintenance guides. Please note that gloss reduction, scratches, chips in the finish or on edges of the planks (caused by installation damage) and dents are not covered under the warranty and are expected to occur over time. Specific types of wood with high gloss finish will tend to show scratches and dents more easily.

Consumer’s Responsibilities Under this Warranty

For this limited warranty to be effective, the original retail purchaser needs to retain the sales slip and all documents related to the wood flooring purchased. The wood flooring must be properly installed in accordance with our installation instructions. We highly recommend the job site/homeowner to use a professional wood flooring licensed installer, their name and license number may be submitted when filing a claim. Note, the purchaser must also keep your proof of pre-installation moisture test results as we may request this information from you when submitting a claim under this warranty. The installer/owner of the wood flooring has the final inspection responsibilities as to the grade, manufacturing, texture, color, graining, dye lot, and factory finish. They must use reasonable selectivity and hold out of cut off pieces with glaring defects, despite the cause. It is acceptable to use approved care products or wax stocks for defect correction during installation. When purchasing, a 5% must be added to the actual footage needed as allowance for cutting, waste, and mismanagement. Any boards that are determined to be within our grading standards will not be eligible for replacement. Inherent variations in grain or color are not considered as manufacturing defects. Maintenance must be properly performed as needed in accordance with the maintenance guidelines.

Exclusions to Warranties

1. Stains: After installation, the floor should be monitored to ensure that the finish is properly maintained, and not affected by excessive spills, especially in the kitchen. When oil stains occur, remove and clean immediately with approved products. Aside from oil stains, hard water can also leave surface stains if not removed promptly.

2. Gloss Level and Color Variation: Wood is a natural product and will vary in gloss level, color, and grain appearance from plank to plank, and from batch to batch. This is considered a natural characteristic of the product. Products from different purchases or production dates are prone to color and gloss differences and are not considered to be a product defect.

3. Color Changes: Wood changes color when exposed to ultraviolet rays from sunlight, fluorescent, LED, and incandescent bulbs. This is due to a natural process called oxidation. Window coverings, UV resistant tint, solar screens can reduce but not eliminate color changes. The change varies by color and species.

4. Squeaky Floors/ Objectionable noises: squeaks, snaps, crackles, pops are related to movement of the floor as a result of incorrect installation methods, environmental or structural issues, not related to the quality of wood flooring. Thus, squeaking and objectionable noises are not considered to be a defect and not covered.

5. Pre-installation “defects”: Pre-installation guidelines must be followed for this warranty to be effective. Wood products installed with NON-APPROVED wood floor adhesives (any adhesive containing water) are not covered under this warranty. Amador is not liable for bonding or moisture related warranted failures.

6. Improper Maintenance: Full compliance with maintenance guidelines is required for the warranty to be effective. When improper maintenance products are used or when wet mopping occurs, the warranty becomes void. Power brush attachments and upright vacuums with power brushes will damage the floor, invalidating the warranty. Robotic vacuums containing power brushes can leave micro-scratches on the surface of a hardwood floor. This damage is not covered under warranty.

7. Improper Installation: Failure to follow installation instructions will invalidate the warranty. Wood flooring should be one of the last things to be installed in the house. Hardwood flooring should be installed at the same time as carpet, but after finishing walls, cabinet installation, appliance installation, tile, and countertop installation. Installation of cabinets on top of wood flooring is not recommended as it inhibits the floor’s ability to
expand and contract. Never install cabinets on top of floating wood flooring. All damage caused by installation of cabinets on top of wood floors is not covered under the warranty. In addition, installation defects, including but not limited to, installations made:
(a). Upon improper acclimation, (b). in violation of applicable state of local housing or building codes, (c). by non-licensed installers, (d). contrary to installation instructions.
NOTE: The only approved installation method for Solid Hardwood Flooring is the nail down method. Installing Solid Hardwood Flooring using any other methods will void all warranty.

8. Moisture Damage:

Damage created by moisture from any source (improper maintenance, plumbing, flood, etc.) is not covered under the warranty. Wood floors installed without an approved moisture barrier on excessively moist substrates with a moisture content above 3 Ibs/24 hrs/1000 ft2 are not covered under this warranty. Moisture under the floor can be trapped and can distort the floor and pose environmental hazards from mold and mildew. Amador does not warrant against any floors damage and/or adhesive breakdown caused by hydrostatic pressure, despite the reasoning. *Prior to installation, the installer should make certain that subfloors are properly inspected for moisture conditions according to the NWFA guidelines. (www.nwfa.org). All moisture testing must be documented with photos.

9. In-Floor Radiant Heating Systems:

The warranty does not cover wood flooring products installed over in-floor radiant heating systems. All damage caused by in-floor heating systems are not covered under this warranty.

10. Adverse Usage/ Resultant Surface scratching and Denting:

Scratches are not covered under this warranty. Damages caused by sharp objects, sand, gravel, high heels, dents/gauges, pet urine, vomit, or claws are all excluded from this warranty.

11. High Traffic Areas:

These areas may experience finish wear through. Commercial uses are not covered under the warranty.

12. Damage Caused by Improper Environment and/or Lack of Environmental Control:

Wood is a natural product. It will expand and contract as it gains and loses moisture depending on the moisture level of the room it is installed in. Some gaps between the planks during low-humidity seasons are considered normal and non-defective. Maintaining the humidity levels of 35% to 55% will minimize these changes. Humidity level outside this range will cause structural damage to the floor. All damage, such as splits, cupping, delaminating, etc., caused by improper humidity control is not covered under this warranty. If environmental conditions cannot be maintained, whole house humidification or dehumidification system(s) need to be installed to HVAC system to maintain proper humidity level and ensure proper floor performance. NOTE: The amount of humidity required for the average household in areas with dry climate conditions cannot be satisfied by using portable humidifiers. Direct sunlight exposure is damaging to a wood floor. The excessive heat from solar energy will dry the wood flooring leading to structural damage to the floor. In addition, direct unfiltered sunlight will accelerate color change.

13. Unoccupied Homes:

Homes lacking climate control are subject to extreme environmental conditions that will damage wood floors. Unoccupied homes without proper climate control invalidates the warranty.