Hardwood Flooring Warranty

Amador Wood Inc. hardwood flooring warranty is given only to the original purchaser of our flooring products who uses them in residential settings. Our warranty is not transferable and may not be used by subsequent owners.
Amador Wood Inc. warrants to the original purchaser, when delivered in original container, that our Pre-finished Solid and Engineered products not to delaminate for twenty-five (25) years from the original purchase date under proper and normal residential traffic conditions. To the original purchaser only, warranty also covers that pre-finished floors are free from any defects caused by improper milling, assembly, grading, lamination, and dimension.
Amador Wood Inc. is liable only for situation that defective products, such as (but not limited to) discoloration and knots, in original container, exceed 5% of the same species and construction products in Amador Wood Inc. and are properly installed in the room by a licensed C-15 contractor.
Amador’s limited warranty does not apply to situations that failing to follow installation and maintenance instructions, or any improper installation or workmanship.
The warranty also excludes:
A) Any surface damages, such as (but not limited to) indentions, scratches, pets, heeled shoes, water, furniture legs, or other abrasives; (See Care & Maintenance)
B) Color changes due to exposure to sunlight, or color variance resulted from wood material characteristics; (See Care & Maintenance)
C) Variation in grain pattern and texture, including the difference between sample and installed floors; (See Color Variation)
D) Radiant heat installation or damages due to improper humidification; (See Care & Maintenance)
E) Any damages or defects caused by installing on the uneven subfloors;
F) Any misuse, accidents or negligence;
G) Any damage by putting the covering on the flooring after installation.
If an issue is encountered at the time of installation, please stop immediately and contact your Amador Wood Inc. representative. For flooring replacement, Amador Wood Inc. does not guarantee color match for pre-existing products.
It is the responsibility of the installer and/or homeowner to inspect material, color, and everything is correct and acceptable prior to installation. Products that are not acceptable should not be installed and should be returned to Amador Wood Inc. with its original container. Once installed, product with its characteristics is considered as acceptable.