Care & Maintenance

Usually, cleaning wood floors is more difficult and complicated than cleaning other flooring surfaces. Routine maintenance and sufficient care in daily life are very important to prolong the usage of floors and to retain flooring beauty. Here are our suggestions for you to follow:
Routine Maintenance
1. Sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping is necessary at least once per week to keep dust and dirt away.
2. Clean the rugs, doormats, or carpet regularly. Be careful for the dusts in the crack between floors.
3. Good ventilation in your home/house/apartment can help you protect your floor and extend its usage life.
Preventive Maintenance
1. Please use humidifier or dehumidifier to control humidity between 35%-55%. Over dry or damp may permanently damage your wood flooring.
2. DO NOT use wet mop (with water) or vacuum with hard beater bar to clean the floor. Water may influence floor construction while hard beater bar may leave scratches on floor.
3. DO NOT use ammonia based, waxed based products ; DO NOT use cleansers designed to remove dust; DO NOT use oil soaps on the wood floor.
4. DO NOT drag heavy objects across the floors. If any possible, pick objects up.
5. DO NOT use sharp objects, such as rocks, gravel across floors.
6. DO NOT use rugs with rubber or vinyl backings, which can cause discoloration over time.
7. Avoid wearing spikes shoes on the wood floors, such as cleats, high heels.
8. Clean spills immediately.
9. Keep pets nails trimmed.
10. Recommend to use furniture leg protector or anything soft material under all furniture to protect floor.